My Town : Bakery App revisa


I like this game but can you make it so that the pizza dough and stuff like that will appear again after you eat.

Creepy stuff

I love my town I love your apps but at the birthday party on the microphone I connected to the microphone and for some reason this deep voice repeat what I said and I don’t like it because it it’s really creepy to me and I’m only eight and I don’t like creepy stuff like that So maybe can you please do an update on that because I have a lot of the my town apps and I love them so can you please update that on the bakery because I just got this today and I haven’t even got to discover the whole entire thing . and also on the like my towns 2-16 you can because I have the hotel and the wedding and I like how you updated the wedding where you can drive with the car so can you please update it with the hotel because at the starting point I only have the home and Icee amusement park so then I got the hotel hoping that I would have a home for the people that came from I see amusement park so can you please also do an update on that in the preschool I get that you can only do so many updates but on a lot of your apps It says that you will have a lot of upcoming updates And so far I’ve only had One and that was for the wedding because before I got the preschool I was playing on the people that are from the home and the wedding so little girls could go to the preschool but then whatever I got on there you couldn’t connect with the car also so can you please do an update on that because I love your ad continue on the greatness and also can you please do a camping. God bless your day


Best game!

Okay 🤔

I guess it is okay but they should add more to it at least l get Bored playing it so can someone fix it please!

Amazinggggg game but

Amazing game but me and my sibling would like yiu to let my town best friends house free fir at least a hour or two to experience the game we always checked to see if it was free but want su plz we beg of you to leave it free and I have an ideas if you can make a big mansion house with an update or can you make a slumber party my town the last one is to make a vacation trip on a cruise or to Miami or do a summercamp one thx you hope you reading this have a nice day

Love it

I think it’s really cool and fun but I think you should be able to make a pizza with just one or two toppings. But I love it other then that. I hope you will make these changes. Thank you!

Great but...

This game is amazing. I love it but why can’t there be a mode where we have to restock the food ourselves?

Little Mermaid


My review

You really need to make more of the prizes.😏😏 the game is still a good game 👍🏼.


The app is truly amazingly the best game ever

Family car

I updated apps! I really wanted to take the haunted family to the hotel. But no family car. Same with bakery and other apps.

Great update

Omg y’all really did a nice job with these games I really love it please update the schools amazing

It’s a bit pricy

For 2.99 you would think that you would get more then a pizza parlor, a bakery, and a little small yard with a kids birthday party. Please add more to this game! I love my town,but PLEASE add more!!!!! Overall this game is very good quality,and the little details were very cute but also please add more characters! Like a few more kids and adults please please add more to this game! And I am not saying this to be snotty at all but just please add more! Suggestions: You should make the bakery a little bit wider, with more rooms and more of a variety with the recipes like more ingredients like butter vanilla extract and butter and just a few more ingredients to play around with. But again, overall this game is very cute and I love all of the details!

i Love dis game 😻😻😻😻😻😻 it is so cool 😎

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ dis game soooooooooooo Much

An ok game

I feel like you should be able to take the cake without it going into slices also to cut it you can add a knife I still love my town it’s just I think there should be a little more creativity and emagination I would also like to say the my town hospital is kinda just a little inappropriate for little kids like me

Update idea 💡

I adore MyTown and i love ❤️ all of your games but i have a few ideas 💡 for new games: 1. MyTown: Summer camp, so the characters have a mess hall and they sleep 🛏 in cabins and go swimming in lakes. 2. MyTown: Theme park, there are all sorts of rides, cotton candy 🍭 stands and you can put the characters on the rides and make them go. 3. MyTown: Zoo, with all the animals peanut 🥜 carts petting zoo and the little machine that give you food 🥘 to feed the animals. 4. MyTown: Library 📚, it has all kinds of books 📖 a librarian who checks the books 📖 to make sure that they are on time. 5. MyTown: Dentist, with the waiting room the toy chest, all the kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes you can choose and the machines too take out cavities 👩‍⚕️ I really hope you make these games and fully connect all the MyTown games XOXO 😚 from your biggest fan!!!

This is the best

The My Town : Bakery is one of my favorite games in the whole entire world it is so great and I am just so glad I always get to play it just always so much fun to play the characters and I love all the food is just so amazing I really think everyone else should know about it and it is so great so I hope everyone else’s is really bad and I really hope that everyone knows that meeting

Plz add new game

I love and have all of the my town games I love them but plz make a my town Waterpark that would be very kind of you -Kayla Kerry Busey


This game is super fun I love how you have the menus and the juice boxes for the party

Add more shops now !

i 💗 my town games they are 👍 but this ☝️ needs more a library we’re they can eat and read 📚 a 🏠 so they can sleep and have their meals I mean are they not poor if they can by food.make a target for their shopping then I will be happy 😃 good luck I would tell everyone do not get this game it only has to shops I do not what to say that so please do this for me thanks so much.

My town new apps🙏🏻

My town please make my town pony tale and dentist and please put all of this apps together in one app named my town city or another thing and in that app for example we can drive a car from grandparents house to home or some where else. Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻

Always crashes

When I press on the app from my home screen it goes into the app but after it it starts to load it brings me back to my home screen. It started happening after I downloaded my town: airport. Please fix I want to play the game. Thanks! -anonymous


hello i wish you could transfor items from game to game please read.


So I have a lot of your games but ever since I bought my town airport none of my other apps have been working. When I got on I pressed play and it’s loads for a second and then it crashes. I’ve deleted them and downloaded them again but it keeps crashing. Pleas please please fix this

Good app but a few changes

Ok I LOVE my town but there is a few things I want you to change: 1) The apps don’t connect so I can’t bring the cakes back from the bakery or the pizzas back from the pizzeria but the 2 worst things are that I can’t bring the pets back from the adoption center or the things back from the mall 2) I think that if you connect the apps then get them a car to get everywhere. (a limousine would be nice) 3)I love the apps but if I could choose 1 app to eliminate it would be #2 I bought it and I hate it I ❤️ my town but PLEASE do these things I would give it 5 stars!!(you don’t have to do #3 though)

Boi, seriously.

I love ALL of my town. But when I went to update my town & shopping mall, it said “connected to other my town games!” I literally could of screamed. I immediately went it to shopping mall, picked out some stuff that I liked, put it in their hands, and went to my town, home. I took out the people I was using. I was confused, since they weren’t holding anything that I picked out. The only thing that they kept on them was, well, let me think... hmm... NOTHING. I was like, wow. What’s the point of connecting them if you can’t get them fixed. I almost deleted it. What’s the pint of (quote unquote) connecting them if you can’t bring stuff to other game? PLEASE FIX!!!! Other wise, I kinda like my town. But I don’t really recommend shopping mall unless it connects so you could bring stuff back.

Why the games like this

So I want to say that why the game 2:99 make it free and why you didn't connected to the anthers my town when I play in one of this games like shopping mall I bring something but when I go back to the home nothing come I wish you fix it

Love the game❤️💛💚💙💜

Can you make a my town news game please? Can you make the milk easier to pour?

I wish it was connected to all of the my town

Please please update so it can be connected to all of the my town

My Town Airport

All of your games are awesome but there should be a My Town Airport. Also you should update every game like you guys did the hospital!


Can You Please Make A My Town Glasses Store Or The Olympics or The Movie Theater Or The Beach These Would Be Fun

Great Game!

I think you should add a My Town Carnival (BTW sorry for my spelling). I think it would be fun, plus in the princess one there is a store one and has a mini carnival.

Seriously get it right!

Ok here’s the deal, I’m really annoyed with this app. Doesn’t a nice restaurant have REAL bathrooms? Yes, they do. That’s just 1 of the MANY things that this app got wrong. Every day I check if there’s a new my Town Home and when I saw the bakery I thought “Wow this looks SO cool” yeah I was wrong. When I’m playing the game and I take the pizza out of the oven and you take of a slice really? Same thing with the cakes. I’d go on and on and on but its Sunday and I need to get some rest! -good day!!

Ok hears the deal

I’m looking at you toy makers. Please get this right. First of all doesn’t a nice restaurant not have porter potties. Second of all my kids come right up to me saying There’s no more cake or pizza. Everyone makes mistakes but this is the definition of one. There’s not even many people for customers or kids at a birthday.Not trying to be rude but slices come out easily and no more come back! I know it’s like real life not coming back but have some imagination! Get something right toy makers!

My town suggested

Dear my town game I love all of your games because they are super fun however though they all don’t connect having them connected are very fun. So please make them all connect and be able to bring things back in fourth from game to game. I have some new my Town games for you maybe you can make. Office- A waiting room and secretary and some offices with extra chairs College- At least 4 dorms with bunk beds and pull outs beds. A classroom a science labs and a library with some food. Library- A book store and books and some computers and bean bag chairs. And a cute cafe. Grocery store- Carriages food and deli and a salad bar. And ways to bring it back to home. Play ground- Basketball court and a park area. Picnic and soccer field Amusement Park- Lots of games to play and rides to go on. Some tickets stands and lots of fun foods. Mansion- 6 bedrooms and a apartment for a maid and a kitchen and living room. Dentist- Waiting room. And a cleaning room and a place to get braces Airport/Airplane- A airplane to ride on. Little shops a food court and a conveyer belt Aquarium- Lots of penguin and stuff. A fish restaurant and a gift shop. Zoo- Animals to look at and games to play. And a gift shop. Sports Center- Bowling laser tag and a arcade. Lots of food and more games and prizes. Princess Castle- A maids room a trophy room a royal kitchen family rooms and lofts of bedrooms Diner- A kitchen and lots of tables menus and big tables with at least 6 seats. There can be little ones to though. Log cabin- A snow ski resort outside. Ski rental. A kitchen and a living room and a few bedrooms Apartments Lots of little apartments at least 6 with at least 2 bedrooms living room kitchen and lobby Sell them all for free and all can connect.

My town

Where is the bed 🛏

Love but

Why can’t you make different kinds of pizza I don’t like meat on mine plus there was a bug where my peoples clothes came off when I switch games

My goodness

I am sorry but this is kinda a stretch my town bakery is great but I think 🤔 your running out of 💡 ideas make the games free please I love your games but maybe consider some of the ideas your fans have given you please I’d love that

Love it

I love the my town games they are so much fun.I have mostly all of them.I know it hard to connect the games and it take a lot of time but can you please try to connect this one with my town home.Back to the part where I said I love this game because you can make your own pizzas and they all come out differently.I love how there is a bed in the office up stairs.And I love the birthday setup and how you can actually put sand in the sand pin and the put it in the sand box and it make a cool shape like the Eiffel Tower a fish or a pie.I love this game and if you are looking for something entertaining to play get this because the 2.99 is totally worth it.

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